Ways to Look Younger with Makeup

How to Look Younger with Makeup

Who doesn’t like to look their best? By looking “best” means staying beautiful and young. Many people don’t want to admit their own age because all they wanted is to be young again. There are many ways to slow down aging like eating the right food, exercising, having enough sleep every night, drinking a lot of water and using skincare. But for those who already have the crow’s feet, there are only few ways to get rid of them however it requires a lot of money.

Fear not! There’s still this one solution that can make you younger in an instant and that is makeup. Of course, makeup always saves the day.

Here are some tricks to look younger:

Conceal – This is the most basic trick for hiding your blemishes like dark spots, pimple marks and wrinkles. If you want to make your laugh lines invisible, use a pinkish-beige tone concealer as wrinkles usually have brown undertone.

Go for the gold – Gold tones will subdue redness and unhealthy pale appearance; it’ll make you look younger and healthier.

Don’t be afraid to change the color – If you like dark tones for your makeup, don’t hesitate to choose bright colors because it can change your whole face; making it bright and lively.

Try light color for your lips – The skin on your lips is actually thinner than your face skin. Your lips don’t have oil glands that keep your skin hydrated and this may lead to shrinking as you age. For lips protection, use moisturizer every night. In the short term, pick a lipstick with a lighter color like purple or pink as this may help define your lips and gives a youthful glow.

Wear eye makeup – eye liner is one of the most important because it gives life to the eyes. Remember, eyes are the windows to the soul. As you get older, the skin above lashes becomes saggy. Instead of using pencil eyeliner; choose cream or liquid eyeliner as they can be applied more smoothly. Eye curler is also necessary; it can hold the eyelashes up and you can put some mascara to dry them into place.

A cream blush will suffice – The more you get old, the less your skin produces oil and that causes dryness. A cream blush is needed because it contains moisturizer. Just smile and apply it on your cheekbones.

Lift your Brows – Brows get thin as you age but that doesn’t mean that you cannot look younger. You can lift your brows by applying brow pencil with a spoolie brush.

Ways to Look Younger with Makeup

Now that you know the ways to look younger with makeup, you just need to find the right cosmetics for you. Choose high-quality makeup from the best Philippine online shop, Goods.PH!

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