The Truth about a Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinners

Small, rotatable and fun- these are the words that describe a fidget spinner. Yes, it may have a blade but it’s not a shuriken or a propeller! This sensational toy has become a fad lately but do you really know how it works and what it really does to a person aside from giving entertainment?

I guess you’re not alone.

  A Fidget Spinner in action

True to its name, a fidget spinner is a ball-bearing device that enables its user to turn its discs between his fingers. You may toss, transfer and even twirl it from your pinky to your thumb while feeling its momentum. Surprisingly, according to some scientific researches, the latest toy craze in town has a really interesting history.

Who would have thought that this little device is originally made to help students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder? (ADHD). Yes, you have read it right, mates! Psychological experts suggest that fidget toys like a spinner helps a lot in improving the concentration of a person with an ADHD. Aside from that, this helpful toy also aide individuals who suffer from anxiety as well as autism.  This only goes to show that fidget spinners are not only for children but also for teenagers and adults who undergo stress from school or office! Calming yourself in dire situations has never been this good and amazing, right?


Various Kinds of Spinners

Fidget spinners comes in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Some spinners even have LED lights which make it a little bit more attractive than others. It is truly satisfying to see its blades rotate while showing different designs as it swiftly rotates in your own hand. There’s no wonder why these toys become popular to all kinds of ages!

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Fidget Spinner



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