The Love Bug: 6 Steps to Make Someone Fall in Love with You

Fall in Love

Why did you click this article? You must be bitten by a love bug! The problem is, the person doesn’t love you back. I know the feeling, it’s like your heart is being electrocuted when you see the person because you know deep down that the person is not into you. Okay, lets’ just call the person “A”. So “A” doesn’t feel the same way as you do, “A” doesn’t feel butterflies whenever he or she hears your voice; “A” doesn’t show interest in you and worst, A only sees you as a ‘friend’. I feel you buddy that’s why I’m here to come to your aid. Lets’ see if you can pull off the 6 steps to make someone fall in love with you.

  1. Eat Together

Have you ever heard the saying that “Food is the key to a person’s heart”? Yes, it is true. Plan a date or just simple ask “A” to hang out with you then eat somewhere with delicious food, this will give you the perfect time to communicate with “A”.

If you like a more effective strategy, add a fancy decoration to your cake and see how a love bug works to make “A” fall in love with you!

  1. Be the Best Listener

If you want “A” to fall for you, avoid turning a conversation back at you. Learn how to listen and understand. You know, listening is an important component to fall in love. Wanting to be heard by someone is a need and it teaches the talker to be more open and comfortable.

  1. Recognition

To feel supported is one of the best feelings in the world! It is also a key to make someone fall in love. A person is more likely to fall in love if he or she gets supports from the other person. Just so you know, many relationships already ended because of lack of appreciation.

  1. Eye Contact

Intimacy increases when two people don’t look away from each other while talking so you better keep the eye contact between you and “A” every time.

  1. Smiling

Smiling seems basic but truth is, smiling makes you more attractive and appealing. Keep on smiling buddy!

Make sure to use whitening toothpaste to give you the best and alluring smile! An automatic toothpaste dispenser from Online Shopping Philippines can make brushing easier.

  1. Touching

Touching leads to a greater satisfaction when it comes to relationships and it also increases the level of comfort and warmth. Being touchy with someone, well not the creepy way, helps develop and strengthen the bonds between people.


Try these 6 steps to make someone fall in love with you. Who knows? I might bump into you and “A” the next day with love bugs all over and butterflies inside your stomachs. Good luck!

And hey! Don’t ever forget to send morning and night messages using your smartphone. I swear you’ll make “A” smile. 🙂

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