The Best Makeup Brands Made in the Philippines

The Best Makeup Brands Made in the Philippines

Each woman has the right to look good and enhance her natural beauty. How is that possible without the help of medical procedure? Obviously, makeup is up to that job! It is the only possible way apart from surgery. However, choosing the right makeup brand for the face is important. Not all beauty products can accommodate every skin types, especially Filipino skin. So what can be the makeup brands that are suitable for Filipino skin? The following is a list of 5 makeup brands made in the Philippines:

  1. Nichido

Nichido is a makeup brand that uses natural ingredients and best recommended for sensitive skin type. This brand is extremely gentle and soft on the skin. Also, the price is very affordable. Their best products are foundation, eye mascara, eye liner and cheek mousse.

  1. Ever Bilena

This is a makeup brand made in the Philippines that’s known for having vitamin E in their products. Thus, it will provide a radiant glow on the skin. Ever bilena’s products are water proof and last longer in hot or rainy season. The best and recommended products from ever bilena are BB cream, eye pencils and waterproof mascara.

  1. San San

Just like Ever bilena, San san gives a radiant and glowing skin because their makeup products are enriched with vitamins A, C and E. This make up brand produces liquid based makeups that are being sold at HBC stores. San san’s best seller items are eye shadows, nail polishes, hydrating lipstick and liquid based make ups.

  1. Fashion 21

Fashion 21 is owned by the makeup artist Fanny Serrano. Fashion 21 is a well established makeup brand made in the Philippines, providing best quality products for the past 25 years. What’ best about the brand is they keep in pace with international makeup and fashion style. It is also known for clothing products and accessories. Recommended items from them are mineral based powder blush, lipstick foundation and nail paints.

  1. Careline

Careline products are made from 100% special ingredients that are safe for all skin types. All of their products are imported from suppliers in Asia and Europe. Its products are also enriched with vitamin E that helps moisturize skin and provides natural look for women. Moreover, Careline focuses on oil-control formula and removes oil from the skin. Their bestsellers are Careline oil control face powder and Careline magic lipstick.

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