Trending Now: Netizens React on the Suspension of Uber PH

Uber Manila

This week has been a bad one for Manila commuters.

Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board, the government agency that regulates public transportation in the country, denied the Motion for Reconsideration of the ride-sharing mobile application called “Uber” which pushed the company to suspend its operations starting August 15. According to LTFRB, the Transport Network Vehicle service company has committed a numbers of violations which include the continuous acceptance of new units that has been prohibited by the organization’s resolution last July 26.


Now more than ever, the Vox populi has filled out their patience to the brim which is pretty obvious from their reactions:

Even netizens used memes to express their anger


This is on-point, though!


We feel you, brother!


Reaction of Netizens


The most affected group due to this suspension would be Uber Drivers


Probably harder than forgetting your ex



We’ll still wait for your big comeback, Uber PH!


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