Must-Have Yoobao Products for Mobile Gamers

Yoobao Products for Gamers

If you have been hearing Yoobao products from your friends or from social media, then probably it’s because of its promising quality and performance. Its name may be eccentric but this Chinese-based consumer electronics brand is dead serious in giving high quality power banks in the market!

Running out your smart phone’s battery in a middle of a Mobile Legends clash is the scariest thing that can ever happen to a gamer. Who wants to be left out and be reported right away just because your phone is dead, right? That’s why Yoobao Philippines is here to solve all our digital woes.

Check out these awesome power banks that will surely optimize your gaming experience!


Slim, sexy and powerful: these are the words that best describes the Yoobao PL12QC 12000 mAh Power Bank! This compact polymer power bank has a roomy capacity of 12000 mAh that also supports quick charging for some specific devices of Huawei and Samsung.Yoobao PL12QC 12000 mAh Power Bank

Price: PHP 1520.00


If plug and play is your motto in life then this Yoobao PL12 Pro 12000 mAh Power Bank should be your digital best friend! Especially made to serve energy-thirsty users, this wonder power bank supports simultaneous charging up to 2 gadgets. It also safeguards your USB powered devices against short circuit and overcharging issues.Yoobao PL12 Pro 12000 mAh Power Bank

Price: PHP 1269.00


Who says good things do not come in chunky material? This Yoobao M10 Pro 10000 mAh Power Bank tells the other way around! Its minimalistic design, mighty battery capacity of 10000 mAh and affordable price; we’re pretty sure that no one can even resist this power bank.Yoobao M10 Pro 10000 mAh Power Bank

Price: PHP 915.00


There you have it, ladies and gents of the gizmo world! We hope that we have helped you decide in choosing the best power bank that will amplify your mobile gaming experience.

Catch the latest Yoobao products for your smart phone through this online gadget shop.

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