Carry your child in style with these Mimiflo Carriers For Babies!

Mimiflo products for babies

For over the years, baby carriers have grown popularity in the baby care industry and our country is not an exception to this fad.  Most of Pinay mothers trust Mimiflo carriers for babies in snuggling up their child for so many reasons.  It enables you to move freely and do your daily house tasks while you watch your little one closely. In fact, your arms will not be tired anymore from carrying your little one. You can even achieve your own travel goals with your baby with this innovative baby gear!

As a trusted homegrown brand, Mimiflo have proven its credibility in providing high-quality yet affordable baby accessories that appeal to expectant parents.  With this in mind, the local brand has released unique and adorable baby carriers that will perfectly fit your little prince and princess:


Mimiflo Dinosaur Safety HarnessWho says Jurassic creatures can’t be cute? This Mimiflo Dinosaur Safety Harness can turn your child to an adorable baby dinosaur while securing him to your loving arms.  Made from lightweight materials with durable and adjustable straps, keeping your baby safe and sound is now possible! Don’t worry; its materials are hypo-allergenic.

Mimiflo Butterfly Safety Harness

Let your child float like a butterfly through the aid of this Mimiflo Butterfly Safety Harness that lets you carry your baby like a pro! Its versatility offers you to bring your child easily either on your front or on your back. Do you know that it also comes with a free soft straw cup that will help to quench your child’s thirst during long travel? It’s a good deal, indeed!


Innovations are not just applicable in the tech industry. The changing needs of Filipino parents pushed Mimiflo to go beyond its limits and it did not disappoint us. Crafted with high-quality materials and stylish design, these Mimiflo carriers for babies provide opportunity to busy mothers to multi-task and do household chores without attending the needs of their child!

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