About Us

About Us

With the emerging trend of readerships going online, Actslifetyle.com was born. Our mission is to give the best bits and pieces of information, may they be useful information or entertaining information. Actslifestyle.com will be your newest online escape, whenever you are bored or whenever you just feel like reading and feeding your mind. We are the no. 1 web magazine in the making – we guarantee articles that are easy reads – entertainment, fashion, food, tech, travel, viral and world news on a website layout and platform that are truly user-friendly.  We are the reflection of your daily lifestyle emanating online through well-researched topics and news that you will surely love and might relate to your daily whereabouts.


Entertainment – Get to know the latest update about your favorite movies, music, games, books and TV shows. This section is your primary source of fun and entertainment.

Fashion – Want to know what’s hot and what’s not about your style? In this section, you will learn not only the latest but also the finest facts you have to know about the world of fashion.

Food – You will find yourself almost drooling once you check this out because we review the best restaurants and feature some dishes you have to taste before your forever ends.

Tech – Gadgets, inventions, gizmos after reading this section, you’ll find out that you’re already a certified tech geek.

Travel – We will take you to places by navigating this section. The section that is perfect for wanderlusts and aspiring jet setters.

Viral – We give you the most controversial and the oddest news circulated on the internet.

World news – We believe that the world has now turned into a global village. As one world, we will also give you updates around the world that might shock you or amuse you.