“Ang Araw Sa Likod Mo” Graded A By The Cinema Evaluation Board

ping medina in ANG ARAW SA LIKOD MO

Internationally and locally acclaimed Phils.-based produced full feature film “Ang Araw sa Likod Mo (The Sun Behind You)” directed by Dominic Nuesa starring Ping Medina, Bong Cabrera and Mike Liwag has recently been graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board. For its consistent and deliberate effort to give the audience a fresh take and affecting story about the country’s long-time battle in Mindanao, Nuesa’s “Ang Araw sa Likod Mo” now joins the roster of other acclaimed Filipino films that have been graded A by the board such as Mario Cornejo’s…

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CBS Interested in Making ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Spinoff

How I Met Your Mother Cast

CBS, the network that aired How I Met Your Mother, would consider making a new spinoff: How I Met Your Father. In 2013, it was announced that CBS and the series’ producer would launch How I Met Your Dad. However, CBS passed on picking the spinoff since the creator of the original series refused to reshoot the pilot without a guaranteed order. After all the talks, the proposed How I Met Your Dad was dissolved. On the other hand, it was reported in 2016 that the show’s writers were set…

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The Truth about a Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinners

Small, rotatable and fun- these are the words that describe a fidget spinner. Yes, it may have a blade but it’s not a shuriken or a propeller! This sensational toy has become a fad lately but do you really know how it works and what it really does to a person aside from giving entertainment? I guess you’re not alone.    True to its name, a fidget spinner is a ball-bearing device that enables its user to turn its discs between his fingers. You may toss, transfer and even twirl…

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